Northwest bike tour, by the numbers

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A numerical review of my bike tour, with apologies to Harper’s Index

Number of days spent biking around the Northwest in Aug-Sept 2014: 19

Distance pedaled and elevation climbed by day, according to

The Seattle-Vancouver loop:
Day 1 = 13 miles Seattle Gasworks Park to Shoreline WA, climbed 745 feet
Day 2 = 65 miles from Shoreline to Deception Pass State Park, 3384 feet (plus 1 ferry ride)
Day 3 = 64 miles from Deception Pass to Birch Bay State Park, 2689 feet
Day 4 = 31 miles from Birch Bay to Tsawassen, British Columbia, 856 feet
Day 5 = 50 miles from Vancouver to Sequim Bay State Park WA, 2040 feet (plus 2 ferry rides)
Day 6 = 58 miles from Sequim Bay to Seattle, 3800 feet (plus 1 ferry ride)
Day 7 = rest

The Portland-Oregon Coast loop:
Day 8 = 10 miles around Seattle and Portland OR (plus 1 train ride)
Day 9 = 52 miles from Portland to Longview WA, 1600 feet
Day 10 = 73 miles from Longview to Seaside OR, 3760 feet
Day 11 = 62 miles from Seaside to Cape Lookout State Park, 3865 feet
Day 12 = 61 miles from Cape Lookout to Beverly Beach State Park, 4132 feet
Day 13 = 55 miles from Beverly Beach to Corvallis, 4300 ft
Day 14 = rest (definitely got a Biblical theme going here)
Day 15 = 55 miles from Corvallis to Eugene, a very flat and mellow 610 feet
Day 16 = 20 miles around Eugene
Day 17 = 76 miles from Eugene to Salem, 2100 ft
Day 18 = 62 miles from Salem to Portland, 2000 ft
Day 19 = 20 miles around Portland and Seattle WA (plus 1 train ride)

Total distance pedaled, in miles: 827

Average distance pedaled per day, excluding rest days: 49

Total elevation climbed, in feet: 35,881

Total elevation climbed, in miles: 6.8

Average number of 24-ounce refillable bottles of water consumed per day: 5

Number of water bottles attached to bike: 3

Donuts and other bakery products consumed, estimated: 14

Bottles and cans of root beer consumed, estimated: 12

Calories burned during daily average 49-mile bike ride, according to MapMyRide: 3,000

Calories in a chocolate doughnut, according to Mighty-O: 330

Current age of out-of-shape cyclist: 49

Weight of said cyclist at beginning of trip, in pounds: 178

Weight of slightly more in-shape cyclist at end of trip, in pounds: 171

Pounds lost by happy cyclist during trip: 7

Miles pedaled per pound lost (while eating donuts and drinking root beer): 118

Pre-trip versus post-trip weight loss: 7 pounds
Pre-trip versus post-trip weight loss: 7 pounds

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