East Coast Greenway “One Week A Year” Tour 2014 from Philly to DC

Follow me and forty other cyclists on the One Week A Year tour of the East Coast Greenway. This wonderful non-profit organization works hard to create safe bike routes from Maine to Florida. Each year they host a fundraising tour that features one segment of the Greenway, and for 2014 it’s a 325-mile ride from Philadelphia, PA to Fredericksburg, VA. Thanks to my flexible schedule this fall, I’m able to ride along with the group for five days from Sunday, Oct 5th to Thursday, Oct 9th, but need to hop off in Washington DC and take the train to an urban history conference back in Philly. If you can’t join us in person, come along for a “virtual ride” by checking out my photo map below or see full-screen version. Click to view any of my geotagged photos along a GPX route map of our trip. Thanks to my son Eli, who helped me to create this code.

ECG Philly-DC 2014

Or see the slideshow below of photos from my public Flickr photo album. I’ll update all of these images during our trip.

Special thanks to Silvia Ascarelli, who also posted photos from our ride and wrote about the experience on her blog http://exploringbybike.wordpress.com, which you should definitely check out. I’ve credited the photos she took that also appear in my album.

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