When touring by bike, I experience far more of the world than by foot or inside a car. Read my Tours with Maps posts or click on the interactive map. See bike touring resources from Adventure Cycling, East Coast Greenway, Rails-to-Trails, and Warmshowers.

See also my biking Around Hartford CT posts, and learn about local organizations seeking to make cycling easier and safer for all, such as the BiCi Co. community bike shop, Transport Hartford, BikeWalkCT, and Bike West Hartford.


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Biking from Hartford to Cambridge 2018

For Father’s Day Weekend 2018, I biked from Hartford thru Worcester to Cambridge MA to meet up with my family and visit my son Eli. This was a short 2-day, 1...

Biking from Hartford to Cape Cod 2018

For years I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bike from Hartford thru Providence RI to Cape Cod MA. I had to put off this trip several times because we u...

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Southern Florida loop 2016-17

Follow my bike tour around Southern Florida from Dec 30th, 2016 to Jan 3rd, 2017. Explore the full-screen map and photo album, and my daily journal entries f...

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Thanks to my East Coast Greenway donors

Thanks to everyone who generously contributed to my fundraiser for the East Coast Greenway, a wonderful organization that works with local partners to build ...

Oddities on the Oregon bike trail

Here’s just a few of the odd things that happened to catch my eye during my Northwest bike trip through Oregon. Of course, there’s far more out there, and I ...

People I Met on the Pacific Coast Trail

Biking along the Pacific Coast Trail provided me with several hours of solitude, huffing and puffing up and down hills while enjoying ocean scenery. But thos...

Biking Hills versus Tunnels

I was worried about the hills, since what they call a “hill” on the West Coast is what we refer to as a “mountain” back East. But they weren’t as bad as I ha...

Biking with Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt (Wikimedia). Years ago I saw a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt that stuck with me: “Do one thing every day th...

Biking makes me VERY hungry

My goals for this bike trip are to have fun and lose weight. Well, at least I’m having fun. You’d think that riding 300 miles a week would automatically drop...

Never ride on an empty stomach

My pre-trip weight. Hope to see it drop. Today marks my first full ride, and I’m aiming for 60+ miles up Whidbey Island with my fully...

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