Prep to Bike Europe

My daughter Eva and I are preparing to head on a two-week bike tour from Amsterdam, Netherlands thru Hamburg, Germany, to Copenhagen, Denmark to visit my other daughter Maya, who will be studying there for the fall semester. We’re planning to stay in hostels and campgrounds along the way. Below is our tentative route, which you can open in a full-size interactive map

We’ve been keeping our eye on Covid travel advisories, and are planning to go from August 20th to September 6th unless something drastically changes. We’re both fully vaccinated, will be waring KN95 masks on planes and in inside public spaces, planning to spend the majority of our time outside. Later we’ll list more about our gear and how we’re transporting our individual bikes—not the tandem!

Eva and I have spent a lot of time preparing for this trip on Google Docs and Zoom. Does this surprise anyone who knows us? In some ways, we’ve been prepping MANY years in advance for this trip!

Me and my daughter Eva in 2006, preparing fifteen years in advance for our 2021 Europe bike tour.