Biking to Bakeries in Hartford Tour 2019

25 riders joined our “Biking to Bakeries” in Hartford tour today and gained 0 calories (according to dubious calculations).

Joe Dickerson at and I designed this friendly 10-12 mph “slow roll” ride to help people learn how to bike around Hartford, and to build a stronger sense of community. Co-sponsored by the Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) at Trinity College and, Hartford’s community bike shop, a project of the Center for Latino Progress.

Joe Dickerson at BiCiCo

Our 5.5-mile “slow roll” route:

  • Center for Hartford Engagement and Research (CHER) at Trinity College, 70 Vernon Street
  • Sol de Borinquen, 711 Park Street
  • Story and Soil Coffee, 387 Capitol Avenue
  • ride through Bushnell Park
  • BiCiCo community bike shop, 95 Park Street
  • Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery, 329 Franklin Ave
  • El Trigal del Peru, 686 Maple Ave
  • return to Trinity College around 11:30am
Young riders eager for pastries
Cannolis from Mozzicato’s

Back in July 2018, Joe and I took a smaller group of riders different route:

Our July 2018 Global Pastry Tour Route