Thanks to my East Coast Greenway donors

Thanks to everyone who generously contributed to my fundraiser for the East Coast Greenway, a wonderful organization that works with local partners to build a network of bike-and-pedestrian paths from Maine to Florida. I just returned from the ECG’s One Week A Year tour, where forty of my new best friends and I pedaled about 275 miles from Philadelphia to Washington DC (where I had to jump off to go to a work event, but they kept going the full 325 miles to Fredericksburg VA). My donors contributed $680, and the organization as a whole raised over $43,000. You can still contribute to I’ll rename a city or state for your East Coast Greenway donation.

As promised, I’ll rename a city or state for your East Coast Greenway donation

Each road sign photo below was stolen from someone’s website and personally Photoshopped by me, with great haste, in your honor. (Full disclosure: I didn’t actually see any of these signs! While I originally planned to snap my own photos, turns out that we rarely saw “Welcome to…” signage along our bike route, since transportation departments apparently save those for the busier interstate highways.) Instead, we saw several small markers for the East Coast Greenway, and this large one when entering northeast Washington, DC.

Match the re-titled territories below with the names of my wonderful donors: Bill and Ginny Major, Chris Corcoran and Abigail Adams, Kathy Barnett, Tracey Wilson and Beth Bye, Jill Cassidy, Maggie Eccles, Elizabeth Rose, cousin Vicki and her husband Kevin Finger, and my mother, Linda. Also check out my Follow along on the 2014 East Coast Greenway “One Week A Year” Tour photo and map route from the trip. Thanks to everyone, and definitely take a bike ride or walk along the East Coast Greenway!


PS: Bethesda, Maryland isn’t on the official route, but I pedaled there along the Capital Crescent trail from Washington, DC to pick up my bike suitcase at my in-laws’ house. Also, while I didn’t bike into Virginia on this trip, the rest of my group rode to Fredericksburg.