Oddities on the Oregon bike trail

Here’s just a few of the odd things that happened to catch my eye during my Northwest bike trip through Oregon. Of course, there’s far more out there, and I mean really “out there.” If I really tried, I could fill a whole blog with “Oddities of Oregon.” Maybe that will be my next trip. So consider this to be just an appetizer…

Spotted this sign for Ferret Agility Trials on the door of a pet store in Eugene, OR. What kind of events do they have to compete in to win medals? I’m really curious, but had to leave town before it happened.
The Shift Church takes a non-conformist approach to Christianity, which sounds intriguing. And the ‘Shift Happens’ tagline is catchy. But what would Jesus think about those fake bullet holes?
At Anderson’s Viewpoint, high above Cape Lookout State Park, there’s a memorial stone to Dick Gammon, who is described as a ‘pioneer hang glider pilot.’ But what happened to him?